Willow Scholars

 Our Mission

Willow Scholars believes strength is found in flexibility.  We aim to provide online academic options so children learn in a method that works best individually.

Why “Willow”?

Why did we name the school after the Willow?  During our own educational journey, we discovered a variety of options available.  Each of the options have advantages and disadvantages.  For example, live classes are excellent choices for interaction.  However, the schedule of the classes may not work with the schedule of the child.  At Willow Scholars, we want to provide flexibility in formats while keeping the content consistent.  The Willow tree’s strength lies within its flexibility.  Hence the name Willow Scholars.

Class Formats

At Willow Scholars we believe that each child learns differently.  Class enrollment is not dependent upon age.  We believe the parent or guardian knows the student best and can determine the best fit.   We also believe students need different levels of support at different times.  We encourage parents or guardians to actively support the student.  We offer courses in three (3) different formats: Live classes, Independent Classes and Guided Classes.

Live Classes include instructor led webinars on a set schedule.  These classes are very collaborative in nature.  Weekly outside assignments are provided in the virtual classroom.

Independent Classes are designed for those students that want to move through the material at a different pace.  Some students move through the course much more quickly/slowly.  Or maybe a student’s schedule needs more flexibility than a live class can offer.

Guided Classes are asynchronous classes.  They are a hybrid of the Live and Independent classes. Assignments are presented in the virtual classroom on a weekly basis.  Set scheduled webinars are not included.  The student completes the work, asks questions, and posts comments at a time that is convenient to the student.  An instructor watches the classroom environment on a regular basis to address any questions and monitor comments.  The benefit to a Guided class is that there is still collaboration among peers within the classroom without a set gathering time.