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Investment Courses

Investment Foundations

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of various investments.

Intermediate Market Investing

The second in our 3 part series.  We focus on types of trades and how to analyze corporate financial documents.

Investment Strategies

The third in our 3 part series.  The course is a discussion class based course on a number of different investing strategies.

Science Courses


Take a deep dive into our solar system. Using NASA’s website, we will explore our Sun, the planets within our solar system, past research, and current research.

Life on Earth

Discover the nuances of life as we explore life in the simplest of forms to the more complex. We will travel through different periods in time starting in the Archean and ending in the Quaternary.

Scientific American Discussion Group (hg+)

Discuss active topics of the scientific community in a secular environment.  Using Scientific American, we will explore areas of current scientific research.

World of Animals

Learn about the various animals in our world in a secular environment.  Using Zoobooks, we will explore animals of the current issue.

Science Research

How do you design for scientific research? Many people are familiar with the scientific method. In this class, we will explore all the steps around the scientific method.

Math Courses

Flying Beasts

Elementary math students grades 2 – 5, become a Flying Beast! A self-paced math program which utilizes Beast Academy Online resources.

Elementary Math Grade 4A and 4B

Join us as we explore fourth (4th) grade math.  A year-long course broken into two (2) semester-long courses (4A and 4B).

AP® Statistics

Where does math meet science, economics, finance, politics, business, and so many other aspects in life? Statistics!

Other Courses

National History Day

National History Day is a history research competition for middle and high school students which takes place each year.