Beasts Level 5

Beasts Level 5 is designed for students who wish to use the Beast Academy program, but want additional instructional support. The level is spread across two 16-week semesters in the fall and spring. Live online classes are offered via a webinar. The course is also offered in a guided (asynchronous) format for those who cannot attend the live course, but wish to have the weekly support. We use the Beast Academy series 5A-D. The fall semester covers books 5A and 5B in the series; spring semester covers books 5C and 5D. The level does not necessarily correspond to grade.

If you wish to cover the material at a faster speed and only need periodic support via questions and answer sessions or email, please consider Flying Beasts.

Lessons learned in Fall Level 5 include:

  • 3D Solids
  • Integers
  • Expressions & Equations
  • Statistics
  • Factors and Multiples
  • Fractions

Lessons learned in Spring Level 5 include:

  • Sequences
  • Ratios and Rates
  • Decimals
  • Percents
  • Square Roots
  • Exponents


Fractal Infinity Art

Students must show readiness for Level 5 by completing the Beast Academy Assessment or by currently using Beast Academy curriculum.  Please contact me if you are unfamiliar with Beast Academy’s levels.

To find the assessment, click here. You will need to scroll to Level 5.

Materials Required
  • Students will have access to the Beast Academy online resources, which includes problems, videos, and access to the digital guide books.  If you would like to use a physical book for class, you will need to purchase those separately.
  • We will use Beast Academy 5A and 5B for the Fall semester.
  • We will use Beast Academy 5C and 5D in the Spring.
  • Students will also need a clear protractor that can be seen through and a straight edge (ruler).
  • Students will need online access, an electronic device to participate for class and assignments, and access to a scanner.
Class Description
  • The Fall and Spring Level 5 courses are each 16-week 50-minute lecture and problem solving course. There are two (2) components to the course: the live webinar and the asynchronous classroom assignments.
  • Additional assignments may include related video, small projects, homework, and quizzes.

Beasts Level 5 is a year-long course broken in to two (2) semesters: Fall Beasts Level 5 and Spring Beasts Level 5.  Students are expected to begin with the Fall semester in August. The Spring course ends in May.  Both semesters are 16 weeks each.


Fall Beasts Level 5 and Spring Beasts Level 5 are $234.00 each for the Live classes.  Additional costs include the textbook (optional) and a protractor.