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Cindy Lippard


Intermediate Market Investing

Are you a budding Warren Buffett?  Already know about stocks and bonds, but are ready for more? How can one person’s good decision to buy a stock be another person’s good decision to sell? How can one use trade techniques to minimize risk in the market?  Come join our group where we discuss different investment options.  The Intermediate Market Investing is a partial lecture, partial discussion based course in which students bring in investment ideas and talk about why the investment might be a good one.  Students are also provided with a paper trade account to learn about investment choices.

Learning Objectives include critical thinking, stock analysis, and fundamental investment strategies.  Students will practice:

  • Market orders
  • Limit orders
  • Trailing orders
  • Short orders
  • Options

Students should leave the class comfortable with their personal risk tolerance, understanding financial goals, and understanding when certain investment strategies make more senses than others.

Instructor: Cindy Lippard

Prerequisites: Students must have a basic knowledge of investing.  Students must know the difference between stocks and bonds.  Students in the Live class will need a quiet environment and a working microphone.

Level: The class is an intermediate investment level course which tends to attract middle school level and high school level students.

Required Text:  No text required.

Live Class Description: The Intermediate Market Investing course is a 50 minute course with some lecture and some discussion.  Students will bring in investment choices and discuss why the investment is a good choice.  The class will analyze investment choices in more detail.  Students will have a paper trade account in which they will make paper trades as assignments and personal experimentation.  A paper trade account is a fake investing account with fake money.  However, the investments are priced in accordance with the current markets.  Students will have an active testing ground to experiment with investments without risking actual money.  Students will present an investment plan at the end of the course.  Additional assignments may include related video, websites, analysis and small projects.

Note: Willow Scholars is not a brokerage firm. We are not responsible for anyone investing real money in the choices discussed.

Duration: The course is a 16 week class.  Fall 2018 classes are held on Wednesdays August 15 to December 14 2:00 pm – 2:50 pm ET.   Class will not be held October 10 or November 21.


No text materials are needed for this course. All information will come from online sources.