How do I get started with Willow Scholars?

You must complete an admissions application.  There is no charge for the application process.  Once the application is process, you will receive an email with the student username and a password.  This student username and password is required for the classroom.  Once you have the student username, you can select the class (or classes) you wish to enroll in then click the “Add to cart” button.  You will then be directed to the Paypal site.

When the class starts, the student will click on the “Classroom” link located in the upper right corner. The link will direct the student to the classroom where s/he will need to login with the student username and password.  All assignments and live class sessions are held in this classroom.

What ages are the children?

We do not practice age-ism here at Willow Scholars.  The students do need to still be students (not graduated from high school).  A lot of information is presented in the classroom and additional assignments.  Our target audience are those students who love to learn.  Many of the assignments are optional.  There are a few assignments which are required.  This gives the parents/guardians flexibility to match the workload to the student.  Some students will only do the required assignments.  Others will enjoy the topic and want more.  Others will love the topic and want information overload.  Parental discretion is advised.  In fact, parental guidance and support is highly recommended.

What about my teen?

Many of the classes are designed as open-ended to accommodate various levels of depth.  Some classes will have a target range included in the course description.  So long as the teens have not graduated from high school, they can enroll.  We are more interested in the love of learning.  That being said, we recognize sometimes the level of discussions can be different with drastic age differences.  If enough students are interested in a grouping (i.e. “ages 13+” ), one can submit a proposal with justification for the grouping and suggested time frames.  The proposal will be considered if adequate resources are available.  This applies to other groupings as well.

What is your refund policy?

Course fees are 90% refundable if a refund request is submitted to admin@willowscholars.com at least two weeks (14 days) prior to the start of the first course webinar. Course fees are 50% refundable if a refund request is submitted during the first two weeks of class (Live or Guided). After the second week of class/before the third webinar, no refunds are given for any reason.  Refunds are not given for Independent classes.