Run Your Project

Do your run your projects or do your projects run you? By using some simple project management techniques, you can learn to keep your projects under control.

Lessons Include:

  • How to define a project
  • How to plan a project
  • Identify key parties of interest
  • What to do when things do not go according to plan

Note: This course is under redesign based on excellent parental feedback.  It is scheduled to return in Fall 2020.

  •  Students must be able to read at a fifth (5th) grade level or above. 
  • Parental support is encouraged.
Materials Required

The required textbook for this course is Project Management Lite: Just Enough to Get the Job Done…Nothing More by Juana Clark Craig.  The textbook may be available at your local library or better priced elsewhere.

Class Description
  • The Run Your Project course is a 50 minute lecture based course.  There are two (2) components to the course: the live webinar and the asynchronous classroom assignments.
  • Students are expected to choose, plan and complete a project by the end of the course.
  • Additional assignments may include related video, websites, analysis and small projects. Parents are highly encouraged to support the student.
  • We screen websites heavily before posting links. However, websites are in control of the advertising on said sites, not Willow Scholars. Parental supervision is highly recommended.
  • Note: This course is currently under redesign based on excellent parental feedback.  The project associated with the course will tie in with National History Day.  The course will open again in Fall 2020.

The course is a 16 week course.

Note: The course is currenlty under redesign based on excellent parental feedback.  The duration of the course may change.

  • The 16 week course is $234.00.
  • The textbook is available at most libraries.  If you plan to buy, the typical price is about $15.